By Darius Mikolajewski

The world's major papers keep reporting about soaring health care costs associated with exploding obesity rates. There is no suggestion, however, of a solution to the problem. Is there a solution?

First of all we need to find out a reason for this growing mountain of fat that is killing us.


Why do we put on weight?

We know now that the traditional explanation - that of overeating - is wrong. People eat when they’re hungry, and they stop when they’re full. The problem lies in hormonal imbalance inside our bodies, an imbalance that deprives us of the energy to live life to the full, and instead stores the energy as fat.

So what influences human hormonal balance? And, more to the point, can you control your hormonal balance?


The three biggest factors are:

1) your genetics

2) your diet, and

3) stress.

There are no prizes for guessing which one of those three is the easiest to control. There is nothing you can do about your genetics (except envy those who can eat anything they like because they chose their parents well...) It is very hard to control the stress in our modern lives. However, you have 100% control of what you are putting into your mouth!

The number one nutrient that negatively affects human hormonal balance is well known - it's sugar. The health and beauty of nations is directly related to its consumption. The per capita consumption of sugar has increased fifteen-fold over the last 100 years.

Ever wondered why the French remain slim despite eating far more calories than we do, with their rich, fatty cuisine? That's right, it's because they drink wine instead of sugary soft drinks!

It's very sad that this information - backed by genuine science - cannot realistically compete with advertising budgets of big sugar and soft drink producers.


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