Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan

How do we compare to Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan?

Phil's Shape Up Plan Overview

The Shape Up! Plan is created by Dr. Phil McGraw. Dr Phil advocates a balanced approach to weight management, a diet with high fibre foods balanced with lean protein and healthy fats.

Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan is based on seven "KEYS":

Right thinking for self control
Healing feelings, the key to emotional control
No fail environment
Mastery over food and impulse eating
High-response cost, high-yield nutrition
Intentional exercise
Your circle of support

One of the most crucial tenets of Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan is its reliance on a diet of what McGraw calls ""high-response-cost, high-yield foods."" An ideal food in his view is the sunflower seed, which has several steps that must be undertaken before calories are actually ingested, as opposed to a ""low-response-cost, low-yield food"" like a bean burrito with sour cream, which is easily eaten. He says to concentrate on high-response-cost foods since they require more work to take in, the body digests them more effectively, and therefore they don't become stored fat.

For Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan to work, you have to follow it for the rest of your life.

How does Diet of Nature compare to Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan?

Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan is very different to Diet of Nature.

While Diet of Nature focuses on manipulating your storage hormones through smart selection of foods, Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan tries to encompass a lot of elements not related to food, such as power of the mind and appropriate attitude. Its underlying principle is to make you eat less; Diet of Nature actually encourages you to eat more - without the storage hormones turned on this food can only be converted to more energy for you!

I addition, Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan is much more complex and difficult to follow than Diet of Nature. Foods are divided into categories, that cannot realistically be translated into a dinner plate. Many people also find it extremely hard to control their minds and attitudes. For these reasons, most people make mistakes in following Dr Phil's Shape Up Plan, and ultimately fail to reach their weight loss goal.

With the Diet of Nature there are no complexities, and no need for a brainwash. It just has a simple set of principles you can read in an hour and implement into your life today.