Jenny Craig Diet

How do we compare to Jenny Craig Diet?

Jenny Craig Diet Overview 

Jenny Craig Diet involves eating the Jenny Craig food, and meeting with a counselor once a week. People are taught to change their diet by adding fruits and vegetables to the mix as well as whole grain foods. The membership starts at $400 for the first month of the program. People can also buy additional supplements such as vitamin packs and antioxidants. The program focuses on altering your eating habits in order to meet long term weight loss goals.

The meals are decent, and there’s plenty of support for those in need. However, the diet can be quite expensive, especially for those with a low budget.

Followers of Jenny Craig Diet are usually successful in losing weight on the program, however they tend to get it back (and sometimes more) after coming off.

How does Diet of Nature compare to Jenny Craig Diet?

Jenny Craig Diet is very different to Diet of Nature.

While Diet of Nature focuses on manipulating your storage hormones through smart selection of foods, Jenny Craig Diet's underlying principle is to make you eat less.

Diet of Nature actually encourages you to eat more - without the storage hormones turned on this food can only be converted to more energy for you!

I addition, Jenny Craig Diet is much more expensive than Diet of Nature. For that reason, most people can't afford to follow Jenny Craig Diet long term, and ultimately regain the lost weight.

With the Diet of Nature there is no ongoing expense. It just has a simple set of principles you can read in an hour and implement into your life today - after that you will never have to spend a cent!