Raw Food Diet

How do we compare to Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food Diet Overview 

The Raw Food Diet tends to improve a participantís health. Most people lose weight due to reduced food intake - there is a limit how much raw food you can eat.. The diet makes you hungry because the food is easily digested, which constantly makes room for more.

Much of this diet can seem like trial and error because following it is anything but intuitive. For protein, you can eat nuts and seeds (such as sunflower seeds). Sprouts are also a good source of protein. However, you should get protein from various sources in order to get all of the proteins you need. While animal protein tends to cover all of the necessary proteins, plant proteins generally only have one or two.

Another problem that sometimes arises involves pesticides. Raw foods tend to have a fair amount of pesticides on them. In order to counter this, it is recommended to eat organic raw foods.

Followers of Raw Food Diet are usually successful in losing weight on the program, however they tend to get it back (and sometimes more) after coming off. And the hunger makes it difficult to stay on it for long.

How does Diet of Nature compare to Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food Diet is very different from Diet of Nature.

While Diet of Nature focuses on manipulating your storage hormones through smart selection of foods, Raw Food Diet's underlying principle is to make you eat less.

Diet of Nature actually encourages you to eat more - without the storage hormones turned on this food can only be converted to more energy for you! So while hunger is your constant companion on Raw Food Diet, it does not exist for you at all on Diet of Nature.

Because of inherent protein deficiency, people on Raw Food Diet lose not only fat, but also significant amount of muscle mass. While on Diet of Nature your body becomes lean and beautiful, the Raw Food Diet makes it skinny but still a bit fat. Because of feelings of hunger and deprivation, most people don't follow Raw Food Diet long term, and ultimately regain the lost weight.

With the Diet of Nature there is no hunger and no deprivation - you can eat as much as you like as often as you like. The more you eat, the more energy you have, and the more successful you become.