Weight Watchers Plan

How do we compare to Weight Watchers Plan?

Weight Watchers Plan Overview 

The Weight Watchers plan is best suited to those who enjoy keeping track of what they eat, since journaling is a big part of this diet. All foods are assigned a "points" value, and each dieter is assigned a daily "points" target, which is determined by their weight. (Those who weigh more get more points on a daily basis; as you lose weight, fewer points are assigned.) Additionally, dieters are allowed to use as many as 35 "Weight Watchers FlexPoints" each week. These may be used however the dieter likes saved up to use for a special occasion, spread out bit by bit or not used at all, for those looking to kick-start their weight loss.

It is suggested that
Weight Watchers Plan dieters attend a weekly meeting, for support, encouragement and camaraderie with others on the same weight-loss path. At each meeting, attendees are weighed by an employee who records their loss or gain in a log. Leaders who have achieved "lifetime" status as successful Weight Watchers ask for tips from dieters, prompt applause for those who've lost weight and share recipes and other weight-loss tips.

During the week, dieters log the food they eat and the corresponding points assigned to these foods.
Followers of Weight Watchers Plan are usually successful in losing weight on the program, however they tend to get it back (and sometimes more) after coming off. And who wants to log all they eat for the rest of their life?

How does Diet of Nature compare to Weight Watchers Plan?

Weight Watchers Plan is very different from Diet of Nature.

While Diet of Nature focuses on manipulating your storage hormones through smart selection of foods, Weight Watchers Plan's underlying principle is to make you eat less.

Diet of Nature actually encourages you to eat more - without the storage hormones turned on this food can only be converted to more energy for you! So while hunger is your constant companion on Weight Watchers Plan, it does not exist for you at all on Diet of Nature.

Because of nutrient deficiency, people on Weight Watchers Plan lose not only fat, but also significant amount of muscle mass. While on Diet of Nature your body becomes lean and beautiful, the Weight Watchers Plan makes it skinny but still a bit fat. Because of feelings of hunger and deprivation, most people don't follow Weight Watchers Plan long term, and ultimately regain the lost weight.

With the Diet of Nature there is no hunger and no deprivation - you can eat as much as you like as often as you like. The more you eat, the more energy you have, and the more successful you become.