Zone Diet

How does Diet of Nature compare to Zone Diet?

Zone Diet Overview

Originally developed by Barry Sears, Zone diet operates under the assumption that food is the body's medicine, and not just an object of pleasure or a means to appease hunger. The premise of this diet is that the digestive system operates best when eating just two food groups: Lean protein and natural carbohydrates. (The latter are found in foods like fruits and fiber-rich vegetables.) Adherents are urged to follow the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats: 40-30-30. Followers are urged to make sure that they eat at least five times a day and consume three meals and two snacks.

The name of the diet comes from the precept that it is a "science-based nutrition program that harnesses the powerful, almost drug-like effects of food, to position your body within a hormonally controlled 'Zone' 24 hours a day." The plan has four key components: The diet itself, the use of monounsaturated fats, the supplementation of the diet with Omega-3 fish oils and exercise.

Followers are urged to eat the "proper ratio" of low-density carbohydrates, dietary fat and protein, and avoid refined carbohydrates. The end result is said to be the burning of excess body fat while enjoying benefits like increased energy and vitality as well as improved mental focus, along with fighting the symptoms of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.

For Zone Diet to work, you have to follow it for the rest of your life.

How does Diet of Nature compare to Zone Diet

Zone Diet is a distant relative of Diet of Nature.

Both are based on the principle of changing your energy conversion system from energy (fat) storage to energy release (fat burning).

However, the Zone Diet is much more complex and difficult to follow. The principle of 40-30-30 looks easy on paper but it's very hard to translate into a tasty and nutritious dish. For this reason, most people make mistakes in following Zone Diet, and ultimately fail to reach their weight loss goal.

With the Diet of Nature there are no ratios, no weighing, measuring or counting of anything, ever. It just has a simple set of principles you can read in an hour and implement into your life today.