South Beach Diet

How does Diet of Nature compare to South Beach Diet?

South Beach Diet Overview

South Beach Diet is a slightly modified version of Atkins, with much better marketing.

It allows unrestricted consumption of all protein based foods, such as meat and cheese, while severely restricting carb-based foods, such as sugar and bread.

South Beach Diet is divided into phases of various durations, with different foods allowed and forbidden in each. Because of this, following the South Beach Diet is too complex for majority of people.

For South Beach Diet to work, you have to follow it for the rest of your life.

How does Diet of Nature compare to South Beach Diet

Of all diets, South Beach Diet is a close relative of Diet of Nature.

Both are based on the principle of changing your energy conversion system from energy (fat) storage to energy release (fat burning).

However, the South Beach Diet is much more complex and difficult to follow. Foods are divided into many categories, they may or may not be eaten at various phases, some of them have to be measured and counted… For this reason, most people make mistakes in following South Beach Diet, and ultimately fail to reach their weight loss goal.

With the Diet of Nature there are no phases, no weighing, measuring or counting of anything, ever. It just has a simple set of principles you can read in an hour and implement into your life today.