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Diet of Nature Natural Weight Loss ProgramHello and thank you for visiting my website.

I congratulate you on taking the first step towards changing your body, your health, and your life.

I want to share with you the weight loss program that allowed me to escape a lifetime of being fat, of being ashamed of my body, of dreaming I was somebody else.
The weight loss program that has since worked for every single person, man and woman, who tried it – no exceptions at all.

The Diet of Nature natural diet weight loss program.

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Darius Mikolajewski and I am 43 years old (written in 2004). I live with my wife and four children in Melbourne, Australia.

I am not a bodybuilder nor an athlete, I don’t have a PhD in human biology either – I’m just an ordinary guy. I just happened to discover a simple system that has melt away the fat off my body, and I want to share it with you.

This is my story.

Diet of Nature Natural Weight Loss ProgramAs long as a I can remember, I have always been fat.

As a kid I hated my hips so much I was thinking of chopping them off! I was ashamed to go to the beach, I could find a thousand excuses to skip the physical education classes at school. As a teenager I started doing something about it. I tried starving and exercising, separately and in combination. I’d lost some weight, but at the end it would always come back.

Then I began experimenting with diets.
Those were the years of eat-less and low-fat diets (and it was on those diets that the world’s obesity problem tripled!). I tried them all, and they all worked the same: you go hungry, your body tells you to eat, but you fight it and don’t, and you slowly lose weight. You can fight your body for a month, for a year perhaps, but at the end your body will always win.

Imagine you’re driving a car and feel sleepy. Can you fight it? Sure can, you’d say. For how long? Half an hour, an hour, a couple of hours? A day? How about a week? Do you see the pattern here: at the end, no matter how strong you are

your body will always win.

How it happened with me? For a start, my body would refuse to lose any more weight; I’d hit a plateau. So here I am, starving myself, short-tempered and angry, for what – there are no results. One day I look around, see the problems my anger is creating for me at home and at work, while giving me ZERO weigh loss results, and I go back to eating normally.

Diet of Nature Natural Weight Loss ProgramWhat happens then? You guessed it, I not only regain all the lost weight, with interest. What’s worse, I find that a lot of lost weight was muscle (that I worked so hard to build), however all the gained weight is fat!
Does it sound familiar?

Here I was, going into my thirties, with my weight hovering around the 100 kg (220 lbs) mark, a typical middle age fat man. I would get breathless from running a flight of stairs, I’d come home dead tired after normal 8-10 hours at work, I’d have no energy to do things on the weekend, and I’d be short tempered with my wife and kids.
Sometimes late at night, before falling asleep, I’d wonder briefly if there was another life out there that I was meant to live.

Have you ever wondered?

Over the years I developed a keen interest in diets and nutritional science, and started reading more and more. In the last five years alone (since I kept count) I read 513 books on human nutrition!

A picture started to emerge. I could see why all the commercial diets fail (did you know their success rate is less than 5%?) – you cannot go to war against your own body and expect to win! What you need is an approach that allows you to work together with your body. An approach that allows you to

eat when your body tells you you’re hungry

Diet of Nature Natural Weight Loss Programand that allows you to keep eating until it tells you you’re no longer hungry. An approach that addresses the hormonal imbalance inside you, and that restores your energy conversion the way it was meant to be.

Do you know how it was meant to be? When you eat a lot, you give your body more energy that it immediately needs for bodily functions. What was happening to me (and most likely to you), was that the excess got stored as fat.

But that’s not how it has to be.

What’s happening to me now is, the excess gets used to build strong muscles, to repair and rejuvenate vital organs, and to give me plenty of energy to expend as I go through my day!

For the last couple of years I’ve been testing and fine tuning the ultimate Diet of Nature, first on myself, then on my friends (they were asking for it!); finally on my clients.

The results have exceeded my (and theirs) wildest expectations.

The ugly fat that had been plaguing me for forty years simply melted away in a few short months. Today I weigh 80 kg (175 lbs), with a 77 cm (30 in) waistline. I am stronger and fitter than I ever was in my life. When playing on the beach, I can outrun the friends of my 18 year old son.

Diet of Nature Natural Weight Loss ProgramBut this is not the best part.

The energy I gained allowed me to quit corporate slavery and start my own business. Today I work from home, play with the kids whenever I want (OK, perhaps whenever they want…), do what I want and when I want, and make more money than I ever thought possible!

I jump out of bed at first light, excited what the day would bring.

My family is rediscovering what love means. People want to see me, be around me, learn from me. I can’t remember last time I was sick; could it really be true that I used to get the flu four times a year?

When I go to bed at night, I no longer dream of what my life could I have been.

I am living my dream.

The same results happened to every single person who tried the Diet of Nature, no exceptions, no excuses.

They will happen to you too.

Darius Mikolajewski
Director, Allwelt International


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