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Natural Weight Loss Program

How does the DIET OF NATURE work?


Imagine that the tank in your car is made of rubber. Every time you fill it up it expands a little. Now, you need say thirty litres of petrol a week for your driving, as you drive pretty much the same distance every week.

Things go well for a few years, but then as your car ages, you notice the engine not having as much power as it used to. Also the car uses a little bit less petrol now. But you keep pouring in thirty litres every week.
What happens?

As time goes by, your tank swells more and more, until eventually it starts dragging itself behind the car, impairing its movement. You have to do something.

You have three options. You can:
1.  Pour less petrol in, OR
2.  Drive more, OR
3.  Re-tune the engine so that it burns more fuel (and gives you more power!)

These are basically the three approaches to dieting:
1.  Eat less (reduce calories: this is how most commercial, low-fat and vegetarian diets work)
2.  Exercise more (this is why there are gyms everywhere)
3.  Re-tune your body so that it becomes reluctant to store fat (this is how DIET OF NATURE works: by restricting the storage hormones and activating the fat-burning ones).

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Now, the first question you want to ask is: which one works? They all do (at least initially). So which one do you recommend? DIET OF NATURE.

Good question. The first reason:

Because it is EASY.
You can always do things the hard way and the easy way; I prefer the later. It is hard to weigh and count everything you eat, it is hard not to eat when you are hungry, it is even harder to get up one hour earlier on a chilly morning to go for a run; so if there is an easier way to achieve the same (or better) result, why do it hard? All you have to do on DIET OF NATURE is follow a few simple, natural principles, and watch the fat melt away at incredible pace!

The second reason is SUSTAINABILITY.
You see, the problem with calorie-reduced diets is that they are not sustainable. If you do not eat your fill, your body wants more. Now you can fight your body on this, for sure; but it's like missing sleep: you feel sleepy but can use your willpower to stay awake for a few more hours, perhaps even few more nights if you’re really strong; but

at the end your body will always win

and you will drop! What usually happens on low calories diets is this: you eat less and lose weight, but you feel increasingly hungry, anxious and restless. Your body assumes famine conditions and reduces your energy conversion (metabolism): you feel hungrier and less energetic, and what is worse you no longer lose weight as your body protects the stores of fat! That really becomes a bad deal, so you give up and resume your normal eating pattern. As your energy conversion stays low for a while, you quickly regain the lost weight and more! That is what they call yo-yo effect: the sad truth is it affects over 95% of dieters! (You guessed it, this is how commercial diet companies get repeat business!)

It is a very similar story with exercise.
Every year in January the ranks of gym members swell as people make their New Year resolutions. They join the early morning aerobic classes or enthusiastically run the treadmill at 6 am. Eighty per cent do not last till March!

You see, the truth is whatever you decide to do about your health and wellbeing, for it to have a lasting effect you have to

maintain it for the rest of your life.

If you can be in the gym at 6 am three times a week to run the treadmill for the rest of your life, great, go for it! If you can handle feeling constantly hungry for the rest of your life, weighing and measuring everything you eat, you can do that too. But do NOT bother doing it for a few months, because at the end you will only be doing yourself harm!

The DIET OF NATURE allows you to eat until you no longer hungry, as long as you stay away from the forbidden foods. You will no longer fight your body;

you will work together with your body

to become healthier, fitter, stronger, and (last but not least) much more attractive!

The third reason is BODY COMPOSITION:
on DIET OF NATURE you will not just lose weight (composed of muscle, water, and fat); you lose FAT. Because the amount of food you can eat is not restricted in any way, there is no reason for your body to eat away at your muscle and other vital organs;

DIET OF NATURE simply manipulates your hormones to melt the fat away!

Finally, the fourth and perhaps most important reason is that


This is the natural diet humans have been on for millions of years, the diet that separated us from our more hairy brethren, the diet people living in the wild still use today to keep themselves unbelievably healthy and fit.

Whether Eskimos in the Arctic North or Bushmen of Kalahari Desert, they feast on a diet rich in game meat and seafood, supplemented with vegetables, berries and nuts. Despite their harsh living conditions, they stand tall and strong, with powerful muscles showing clearly through their glowing skin. It is common for them to go through life without ever falling sick, not once.

How many times were you sick last year?

As our bodies are not designed to handle lots of agricultural foods, they cause problems in our hormonal system. In addition, the industrial age added processed foods to the table (junk foods loaded with sugar and killer trans-fats). The end result is that the most beautiful of all creations, the human body, is becoming a grotesque mountain of fat that keeps growing until it finally kills the body it is living on!

Now it is your turn to discover the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, as available on this planet today!

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To find out exactly how to naturally create the body of your dreams and become strong, healthy and fit for the rest of your life, guaranteed!
How you too can lose weight and gain health, energy and longevity, easily and naturally!

All you need to know about losing weight with DIET OF NATURE, the latest nutritional science explained in simple English, and translated into an easy-to-follow plan.

The fastest and easiest of diets, tested by thousands of people and guaranteed to work, compressed into a short, practical manual you can read in a few hours, even if you have never read a book!

Are you sick of getting sick? Do you sometimes wonder if this is really the life you were meant to live, the body you were meant to inhabit? Do you get this feeling that you could change all that, that you too could live a life of abundant health and limitless energy, of vigour, happiness and wealth.


What if you had the insider knowledge how to change the way your body works, how to make it release the energy into transforming your life, instead of storing it as fat? The insider knowledge on

How to lose weight instantly, without hunger, exercise, drugs, simply by naturally transforming your energy (metabolism) mode from
energy storage to energy release!

What if this knowledge, consisting of years of research and thousands of pages, was condensed into a short Diet of Nature WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE SUCCESS PACK, written in simple English, easy enough for anyone to follow, that you could read, comprehend and implement instantly, today, now? Containing only a couple of straightforward rules, easy to remember, that have been proven to work for thousands of people worldwide, never failing, not even once.

What will you learn with Diet of Nature WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE SUCCESS PACK?

What will you get with Diet of Nature WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE SUCCESS PACK?

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You see, losing weight is a lot like building a house: you need a plan, the right materials, and you need to know what you are doing: if you got all those three things right, you end up with a house. But if you get only one of them wrong, what then?

Everyone who tried DIET OF NATURE, without exception, lost weight, became healthier, stronger, and more energetic, achieved naturally, without drugs, supplements, or surgery.

When I look at my customers I notice something else: there is something about them, an air of confidence, perhaps in the way they carry their heads and square their shoulders ...

That makes them stand out in the crowd.

They feel they are in control of their lives. And it is true, you can tell.

This same feeling can be yours, you can make it happen right now, today.
Everything you need to succeed is in the DIET OF NATURE manual.

However, even though the diet is so easy anyone can do it, it is NOT for everybody.

If you are not open minded to new ideas, do not want to follow instructions (or at least test if they work!); this is not for you.
If you prefer to blame others: the parents, the government, the genetics, whoever, rather than be responsible for your own destiny; you will be better off living on as you are, occasionally wondering what it could have been ...

On the other hand ...
If you are looking for a proven system that will help you lose weight, rebuild the relationship with your own body, gain energy, fitness, health, rejuvenation ...  WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE SUCCESS PACK has been created for you!

OK, now let me ask you


The good news is, you can still get the electronic version of the Success Pack at the introductory price of $12.95, less than a packet of supplement powder! And you will never again waste your money on drugs, supplements, powders, pills and potions, ever!

In addition to that

You can test the WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE SUCCESS PACK for a full year, yes that is 365 days. It gives you enough time to see that you will not only lose weight  -  you will keep it off. If it does not work for you, for whatever reason, simply send me an email and I will cheerfully refund your money. I actually insist you do that  -  I would be embarrassed to keep your money if you did not lose weight on my program!

Darius Mikolajewski
Director, Allwelt International

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PS. Please think about what your life will be like  if you don't do this.
A year from now, you'll be a year older. In the same place in life and in this world you are now. With the same waistline, or maybe a little bigger. With the same ills, or maybe a little worse.
With no energy, frustrated, tied down to things you hate, wishing you could do something.
There's only one thing different about successful people. They have the ability to take decisive action. Don't allow procrastination to stop you from creating the body (and the life) of your dreams.
Make the decision now. Don't put it off ...