Natural Weight Loss Program Natural Weight Loss Program


  I am delighted with my progress. People at work are commenting on how much younger I look and that I have such passion for life now!

Dawn Robertson, Auckland, New Zealand.

  I have dieted off and on all my life and always gained back any loss I had. Then I got your program and it all became clear. I lost 27 kilos in 4 months, and I'm keeping it off, and it's not hard at all!

Joanne Clough, Sydney, Australia.

  Dear Darius, I want to thank you for changing my life. Since meeting you eight months ago I have lost 33 kilos! I am now living in another world, I joined a gym to tone up, I’m dating a beautiful girl, my business has almost doubled in size, my energy is spilling over to my staff. It’s magic!

Robert Liccardo, Melbourne, Australia.

  I had tried dozens of diets over the years, always ending up the same: lost weight at the start, got it all back (and more!) few months later. I was skeptical when I bought your e-book, it all sounded far too easy. Anyway I tried it and the weight disappeared so fast I could not keep up with shopping for clothes!

Grace Wieczynski, Melbourne, Australia.

  In my first month I lost 13 pounds. Six months later, I am looking better than in my college days. At 51 I took up windsurfing and kayaking, I got promoted at work, there is no stopping me! Thanks man.

David Sherwood, Chicago, Ill, USA.


I have read dozens of diet books, getting more and more confused with each one. Your program is simply the best! So easy to understand, everything explained clearly, I love it! And the best part is it works, I just follow your simple rules and see myself getting slimmer and feeling younger every day! I can’t believe I used to think losing weight was hard. Angela Jennings, Melbourne, Australia.

I just got your books last night and can hardly put it down. I too read everything I put my hands on, but your way of writing actually makes me understand. I am going to read all your books from now on. Jimmy Richards, Edmonton, Canada.

I read so much about diets but your program is different. It gets straight to the point, with easy to understand real life examples. It’s just as if it was written by a real person! Please keep me informed of any new books. Sandra Bloch, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thank you so much for discovering the ultimate diet and sharing it with us. God bless you! Kate Samson, Melbourne, Australia.

I used to be hungry and tired all the time, putting on weight year after year. Today my girlfriends envy my looks, my husband is in love with me all over again (he wants to buy me more clothes!), I got promoted at work, we bought a new car… What happened? Six months ago I met Darius the crazy Polishman, and I tried his easy no-hunger eating habits. Life is great, and I am enjoying every second of it! Meg Ferns, Geelong, Australia.

I have lost a dress size, have more energy than I've had in years and my blood pressure ills are gone. All this and I'm not hungry! Liz Siao, Sydney, Australia.

Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate your helping me find a new way of eating. It has been easy to follow because I can eat real, great tasting food and not be hungry. Jenny Tan, LA, USA.

Today is exactly one week since I started your easy weight loss program. My mates comment that the suit is kind of hanging on me already. I have to admit that I missed a few mealtimes – it’s hard to remember them when you’re not hungry. As for the energy I’m feeling back in my twenties. This is just great. Walter Coleman, Coffs Harbour, Australia.

I bought your program to lose weight and it worked so well that I put my whole family on the natural diet. You won’t believe what happened, my son had been suffering from depression for years, couldn’t study or work, no doctor could help, they would just give him more and more drugs. He started changing within a month of going natural, and today he is actually starting in his first job! As a mother I can’t thank you enough. Grace Lambert, Melbourne, Australia.

I love your book, so easy to read and understand. Lost 17 pounds so far, still going strong. Linda Jacobs, LA, USA.

I’ve been on it for two weeks, people are already telling me I look better and healthier. Well I certainly feel happier and younger, that’s for sure. Glenda Mitchell, Melbourne, Australia.

I have good news & I have bad news…
Good news: diet is finally working for me
Bad news: legs & bum are now very skinny
Good news: Feel much better for it.
Bad news: bum is so skinny I slipped right through the commode chair & got stuck in toilet bowl.
Good news: Since I have a phone next to toilet I was able to ring fire brigade to “unstick” me.
Bad news: They had to smash through front door to get in.
Good news: They actually “unstuck” me.
Bad news: They had to smash the toilet bowl to do it.
Good news: Have a plumber mate who came with a second-hand bowl.
Bad news: still cost plumber price, despite being a “mate”.
Good news: still have lost 2½” from tummy.
Bad news: Have to buy new wardrobe full of smaller trousers.
Good news: Decided to just buy a hole punch for my belts & not worry about trousers.
Bad news: Now worried about pressure sores on my bony arse.
Good news: the only bit of the above that’s true is the 2½” bit. (I’ll just have to get over the bony bit).
Rob Verity, Melbourne, Australia.

Darius, Thought you would be interested in my loss.
No it's not a dog or a cat.
Nor is it a lot of money (didn't really have a lot to lose)
It wasn't my favourite thought, or my car keys.
In less than a week I have gone from approx. 105 down to 97 - kilos that is.
I have actually found I am not as hungry (sugar, and the other stuff must cause you to have hunger!!)
Vaughnn Brooks, Berwick, Australia.