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Book review - The Diet of Nature by Darius Mikolajewski

Written in simple easy to understand language and an attention grabbing style, this little book is a treasure of information. In logical steps, you will find out the premises upon which the author bases his theory, what “The Diet of Nature” really consists of and how to apply it in your daily life. The easy to follow recipes bring the theory into practical application and the questions and answers fill in any left over gaps. I loved the presentation with its clear emphasis on salient points - an excellent teaching mode. You will not be required to do much thinking when you read this book: it is so well written and presented that you will simply be guided along a journey at the end of which you will have a whole new concept of eating and be ready to implement it immediately. I have only the highest praise for the author, his thorough research and his amazing ability to present a new approach to an old problem with the greatest ease, accuracy and irresistible enthusiasm. I give it ten out of ten.

6th August 2004

Dr Jessica Read is a Chiropractor with nearly thirty years experience in medicine. She has studied nutrition and diets from many angles and is also the author of articles and booklets on natural healing and self-improvement/self-help topics.