Natural Weight Loss Program


NEW APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSSMr. Mikolajewski and his daughter Anna, launching his book with Kirstie Marshall, Member of Parliament and Gold-Medal Olympian

“We all know someone who can eat as much as they like and never put on weight. What I’m saying is I can make your body like that, naturally, without drugs” claims Mr. Darius Mikolajewski, a businessman and author of the best-selling book “The Diet of Nature”.

According to Mr. Mikolajewski, he has – after years of trying out various diets - discovered a simple way to influence our hormones to “switch off” fat storage and “turn on” fat burning. “Hundreds of people have tried it, and it has worked for every single one, no exceptions at all. They not only lost weight, but many used the extra energy to improve other areas of their lives” says the author.

Mr. Mikolajewski has long been concerned about obesity being increasingly associated with lower socio-economic status. “Almost all nutritional information is presented in a way that requires higher education to be understood. That makes it inaccessible to the very people who need it most. I come from this background myself, and my heart goes out to them”.

The book addresses the issue by being written in a very simple language (edited by his 12 year old daughter Anna, pictured), short and inexpensive. “You can read and understand it in an hour, and change the way your body uses energy the very same day”, claims the author.

Mr. Mikolajewski, of Endeavour Hills, former corporate manager at Myer and Bunnings, currently self-employed business consultant, had been battling a weight problem for forty years. “I tried dozens upon dozens of diets over the years. Then, as I educated myself about nutrition and hormonal balance, I started mixing the best elements of each. As I finally stumbled on something that worked, it melted my 40 year old fat within weeks, and gave me all the energy in the world to start a business, rediscover love, and – last but not least – write a book!”

The book challenges the common view that human body had been designed to store energy as fat. “If you look at people living in the wild, say Amazon Indians, they live in a place with abundance of food, they eat as much as they like (which means a lot!), yet they stand tall and strong, with powerful muscles showing clearly through their glowing skin. The energy consumed doesn’t convert into energy stored; it converts into energy for life, energy to dance all night around the campfire, energy to make love, energy to live life to the full. I believe this is the way Nature intended it, and I just happened to discover a simple, natural and practical way for everyone to achieve it. Now I want to share it”.